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Best and worst celebrity karaoke with Steel Panther

Celebrities channel

Ryan Cabrerra, Pink, Dennis Rodman, Avril Lavigne, Jessica Simpson, Kelly Clarkson, Billy Ray Cyrus, and more

Nintendo DS-i: The wait begins

Nintendo channel

One in five American households has a Nintendo DS handheld gaming
system, but the Japanese company hopes to better those odds when the new
DS-i hits American stores sometime in 2009. CNET’s Kara Tsuboi talks with
Nintendo’s Charlie Scibetta about why this slimmer model with built-in
cameras will be worth the extra money over the DC Lite and why it’s fair the
Japanese market gets it this November.

The Dark Knight: Tonight’s Entertainment

Entertainment channel

The Dark Knight: Tonight’s Entertainment was uploaded by: Kvikmyndir
Duration: 57

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Movie Part 6/18

Movies channel

This is a movie I made from all the cutscenes in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core for the PSP. It took me forever to figure out how to record whats on the PSP screen without a video camera, as I have a phat, not a slim, so I couldn’t use the TV hookup. Well, I hope you enjoy the movie as it was sort of a pain to make.

A Dull Science (Acoustic)

Science channel

Acoustic A Dull Science at Belmont Park 🙂 01/03/09 Don’t know the name of the song, it’s new.

Ethanol Powered Fuel Cells : DigInfo

Technology channel

DigInfo –

Kyushu Institute of Technology research group proposes using ethanol as a direct fuel in next-generation fuel cells.

Ethanol powered fuel cells up to now have had a number of drawbacks including low catalytic performance, poor fuel cell efficiency, and a decrease in open voltage due to ethanol crossover when the ethanol concentration was increased to boost efficiency. The Kyushu University research group is proposing the use of a direct ethanol fuel cell to address these problems.

First, it is possible to boost the fuel cell performance while operating at room temperature by using oxidized nanoparticles as the anode catalyst. Next a composite catalyst is used for the cathode catalyst. This arrangement curbs the decrease in the open voltage caused by ethanol crossover, and makes it possible to use a highly concentrated ethanol solution.

Researchers are looking to develop a commercially feasible low-load fuel cell that uses ethanol, a renewable fuel, as a direct fuel.



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