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Soma Celebrity News: Britney & K-Fed Settle Custody Battle

Celebrities channel
Britney & K-Fed Settle Custody Battle. Salma Hayek Calls off Engagement. Shakira Rocks Against Colombian Rebels. Katie Holmes Overdosing on Scientology?

Classic Game Room reviews N64 Controller for Nintendo 64

Nintendo channel

Classic Game Room HD reviews the NINTENDO 64 N64 controller! This N64 controller reviews filmed in High Definition HD clarity, shows the N64 controller. Classic Game Room has to admit, this isn’t our favorite controller and we explain why… however, if you want to play awesome games like Goldeneye and Robotron 64, this is the controller you’ll be using. A unique design created by Nintendo that resembles the Y-Wing from Star Wars, the N64 controller will stand out in a crowd. Our controller is blue! Hooray! If you are going to play Mario or Donkey Kong games on the N64 here’s the controller for you, the N64 controller! Classic Game Room also muses about the good ole’ days of Nintendo vs. Sega rivalry… sigh. It was so good back then. Classic Game Room brings the best in HD reviews of classic video games and new games. As far as old school, retro reviewers and review shows go, Classic Game Room is hype! Filmed in 1080i HD Widescreen with Canon XH-A1 XHA1 camera.

The Dark Knight: Tonight’s Entertainment

Entertainment channel

The Dark Knight: Tonight’s Entertainment was uploaded by: Kvikmyndir
Duration: 57

World’s WORST movie chase scene…EVER!!!

Movies channel

I saw this 1973 movie “Hard Streets” and couldn’t believe how bad it was! You have to see this chase scene! It’s so bad it’s amazing!! It wouldn’t make any more sense if you saw the whole movie!

A Dull Science (Acoustic)

Science channel

Acoustic A Dull Science at Belmont Park 🙂 01/03/09 Don’t know the name of the song, it’s new.

World Business: Precision Incisions 24/10/08

Technology channel

World Business: Health care technology has come a long way from the crude surgical tools of the 19th century to the advanced keyhole techniques seen today. Now there is a whole new generation of technology that could revolutionize the Doctors surgery of the 21st century, surgical robots.



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Swing Fail

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