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i’m bo yo. (ghetto version)

Posted by who am I On January - 6 - 2009
Youtube Celebrity Rap
by Asathecomic
I’m part of the j/k team some call me a pickle head cause I speak my mind more than Elizabeth Hasselbeck. I’m giving girls hard ons quicker than Bush pardons. Olonzo Mexican Gladiator used to date my mom? I’m like What The Buck ’cause ill tell you whats up straight up and I’m like N-word higa except I’m actually a brotha! Keep playing butterball son watch you stuffed up the rectom wanna toy(s) r us you run bum. Ladies won’t ci ya play unless u actin uno and fellas at the end of every comment love quit saying No Homo!

Do you how to have a business mind… homes even if you deal Howie… mine’s minding my own Ho-gies Love ’em with lots of mayonnaise cant keep my boo boo in they always say Ace, you so Kanye!!! Half of mini me wants to sex em like Vern the other half plays an Usher dog go ‘head and let it burn DVDs on sale now wowww! Obama beats McCain who’s maverick now? Palin give it up youre not smart ouchhhhh… You can hate in stere-o-type still not your average cow. Moo bitch get out the way!!!! They say im heartless ’cause I dont drink that haterade…. I wants that purple stuff…. DIGG?!…. if I aint funny then Frank Caliendo’s skinny as a damn stick!

When I say suck a pickle I mean suck a d#@k…. no mo time for tricks so girl you gotta split…. alla peanut butta sandwhich… never canny still Asa hella manwhich… Cause I dont show u no panties that dont mean im Rhiannon… if Sasha Fierce aint bi-polar then Michael Vick aint in prison….. awwwwwwwww to the tick tock a ya dont stop hit it… Thats what your girl said to me via email (look ) listen. While you where sleep in her bed with your thumb stuck in your mouth! Im from the bottom boot yet my head stay in the clouds!

If Tay Zonday can really sing then im the King of Youtube and we all know Lisa Novas’ boobs rule! Giant fools bean stalking but I chop em down like jack! Bust an like an icy cold Blizzard just so you feel it have…. (spoon?) Whateva!
So creative on YT…. make Einstein say to my theory you are Relativity!!!! I’m asa comic… sure, sex with yo momma go get her let her listen bet she’ll want ya man for dinner (and by want I mean Felatio… sweet or salty though) back to the song yo! I’m not a tube troll playing kindergarten for subs…. and nor am i the ABC Bachelor wookin pa nub. Keep it REAL or get eliminatied without a CHANCE never been a cop yet dudes keep saying im DA MAN!

Likes to make you laugh my ex to make me mad
I dont hate Miley but I could really slap some sense in her dad… not big as kev jumba or fred or but im comedy stable…. more interesting than Scarlett standing -on a coffee table. Ouch that looked painful as hard shit! Bambamkaboosh now baby doll wheres the remix…. not tired of rapping but weve things to do for realzzle to the haters watching this you know the drizzle SUCK A PICKLE!!!

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