Japanese Unveil Eco-friendly Cars

World leaders are gathered in Japan this week for the G8 summit, and climate change is on the agenda. It’s the perfect opportunity for Japanese auto-makers to show off their new eco-friendly cars. Here’s more:
G8 leaders in Japan aim for a green summit, and Japanese automakers are providing the wheels.
At the eco-friendly event, a fleet of electric plug-ins, hybrids and hydrogen fuel cell cars await.
Commercial sales of some, like Mitsubishi’s pure electric MiEV, are less than a year away – with prices from $20,000 and plug-in charge prices as low as 1/9th the cost of gas.
[Kazunori Handa, Mitsubishi Motors]:
“The car’s popularity will centre on using no gas, the CO2 emission problem and concerns about energy security.”
Among prototypes, Mazda’s gas-fuel cell RX8 is leased for about $4,000 a month.
Hydrogen hybrids and fuel cell cars are seen as a longer-term answer due to expense, taking time to find local driveways, says Mazda’s Tomoaki Saito.
Some 200 Honda FCX Clarity cars will be leased in the U.S., but the water emitting sedans have a mere 60 hydrogen stations, compared with 180,000 gas stands.
We’re going on a very short 5km trip, but if we wanted to we could go as far as 620km right now on a single gas tank fill up and the cost of that would be equivalent to 4 to 5 gallons of gas in the U.S.
At the G8 summit amid record energy prices, that makes all eco-cars an easy sell.

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