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Orbital ‘Technology Skypark’ Incredible Live Performance

Posted by who am I On December - 30 - 2008 – Orbital live in one of the best performances in dancestar history..Orbital was a British electronica duo formed in 1989, consisting of brothers Paul (born 19 May 1968) and Phil Hartnoll (born 9 January 1964). The Hartnolls took their name from the legendary raves that occurred in the late 1980s on and around London’s M25 orbital motorway during Orbital’s inception.

Orbital’s first single Chime is often given credit for bringing the underground dance movement out of the shadows and closer to the mainstream.

Orbital is widely considered to be among the most influential dance acts of all time. Their work transcends the limits of the electronica genre and can equally be associated with many other forms of electronica and psychedelia.

The duo headlined the Glastonbury music festival in 1994, proving that dance music can wow the crowds as well as any other genre. They played the festival again a decade later for their “farewell” gig.

The brothers disbanded in 2004 with the release of the “Blue Album”, with a substantial number of fond fans.

Although Orbital has done many live shows, Phil Hartnoll said in an interview that he only learned to DJ in the last few years.
LRR is the music label of Phil Hartnoll (Orbital) and Nick Smith and home to the band, ‘Long Range’. and

Pioneer of British electronic music returns Orbital (aka Phil and Paul Hartnoll) were, for almost two decades, one of the most creative and influential electronic acts on the planet, recording their seventh and last studio album in 2004. Not content to rest on the laurels of past glory, Phil Hartnoll’s new creative project is Long Range, formed in conjuction with Nick Smith, an artist whose recording career for dance labels Dragonfly and Atomic Records has led to major film credits with Ridley Scott. Long Range’s sound harks back to the ambient genius that was Orbital whilst transporting the listener into a more acoustic, atmospheric and cinematic realm. From blissed out moments to jarred and broken beats, their eponymous album references a spectrum of genres and refuses to be pigeonholed.

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