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Xbox Live Education

Posted by who am I On January - 14 - 2009

Created by NightmareProductions

A comedy about the source of all of the jerks and idiots on XBL. It had to come from somewhere, right?


For more from Nightmare Productions, go to:

Juno Movie Review from Spill.com

Posted by who am I On January - 6 - 2009

Animated and funny movie review of the new film; Juno
http://www.spill.com for more

by DigitalPh33r. With full commentary.
When the Arbiter makes a bet with Master Chief whether or not he can create a good machinima, Master Chief fails among the usual gang, but is picked up by an eccentric movie producer in Los Angeles who eventually requests that Master Chief relocate to the City of Angels. Will Master Chief fail miserably, or end up living up to his expectations in Los Angeles, leaving Todd, Travis, Cortana and his only true friend, the Arbiter, behind him?

Queen Tribute Band – Combat Sheep – BBC comedy animation

Posted by who am I On January - 6 - 2009

Commander Harris (voiced by Steve Coogan) and the rest of the Combat Sheep team perform as a Queen Tribute Band. British comedy from Baby Cow Productions and BBC.


Posted by who am I On January - 6 - 2009

Billy Collins, former US Poet Laureate and one of America’s best-selling poets, reads his poem “Budapest” with animation by Julian Grey of Headgear.

Noted for their intelligent humor, accessibility and observations on daily life, Collins’ popular poems come alive further in a series of animated poems produced by JWT-NY.

– – – – –
The Poem – My pen moves along the page like the snout of a strange animal, shaped like a human arm and dressed in the sleeve of a loose green sweater. I watch it sniffing thepaper ceaselessly, intent as any forager that has nothing on its mind but the grubs and insects that will allow it to live another day. It wants only to be here tomorrow, dressed perhaps in a sleeve of a plaid shirt, nose pressed against the page, writing a few more dutiful lines while I gaze out the window and imagine Budapest, or some other city where I have never been.


Posted by who am I On January - 6 - 2009

Short Animation “Drawing!!”. Animation / Music by Kojiro Shishido.
Made by Bauhaus Software Mirage1.5 and Corel PainterX.

Naked: Ilham (13)

Posted by who am I On January - 6 - 2009

High quality:

Bloot (Naked) is an animated documentary series directed by Mischa Kamp. Children between the ages of 10 till 13 tell us their funny and personal stories about the changes that are going on in their bodies. What does it mean to get your period for the first time? How does this influence the way you see yourself? The stories were shot on digital video and then animated using the rotoscope technique.

Director: Mischa Kamp
Scenario: Fiona van Heemstra
Producer: Submarine
Co-producer: VPRO
Original title: Bloot

Animal Nation – Winston’s Vlog (The Diet)

Posted by who am I On January - 6 - 2009

Watch more at http://www.aniboom.com/animalnation
In the latest from the animated hit series Animal Nation, Winston starts a new diet, but how long will it last?

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Posted by who am I On January - 6 - 2009

Animated short film about a butterfly that transforms into something unexpected. Shot on film, inked and painted in cels.

Created by Joaquin Baldwin at the UCLA Animation Workshop, 2006. For more works visit http://www.pixelnitrate.com

Self Defense & No More

Posted by who am I On January - 6 - 2009

Head over to http://www.mytoons.com/animation/play/23439 to view or embed this animation and many more funny cartoons at a higher quality.
2 of the 3 animated commercials I directed for a yogurt drink : ) You can see more of my work over at www.avidliongoren.com

Urban Ninja

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Sneezing Panda

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Swing Fail

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