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2009 Yamaha YZF-R1 engine technology explanation

Posted by who am I On December - 30 - 2008

Yamaha introduces a new engine with the introduction of the 2009 Yamaha YZF-R1.This is the first production bike using inline 4 – crossplane crankshaft engine technology.

Early Science Photography: X-Rays

Posted by who am I On December - 30 - 2008

Corey Keller, curator of an exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art about early science photography, leads you through a brief, heavily-illustrated tour of the social history of x-rays.

Clair de lune (Twilight soundtrack? Debussy piano music)

Posted by who am I On December - 30 - 2008

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for this video

Q: Is it just me, or does this piece make everyone feel like crying?
A: Maybe not everyone, but lots of people …

Q: Where can I get the sheet music for this piece?
A: Here’s a copy, thanks to Clint S. Mars:

Q: Hey, what happened to my question/comment?
A: Questions answered in the FAQ and comments with nothing to do with the video (“spam”) are removed. If you posted a comment and don’t know why it’s gone, email me (stephen at musanim dot com) with “YouTube comment” in the subject line.

Q: Is this the same recording as on the soundtrack?
A: No; Stephen Malinowski made this one. Compare the two and let me know what you think.

Q: How did you make this video?
A: You can read about it here:

Q: What do the colors mean?
A: Each pitch class (C, C-sharp, D, D-sharp, etc.) has it’s own color, and the colors are chosen by mapping the musician’s “circle of fifths” to the artist’s “color wheel.” You can read more about this here:

Q: Who is Debussy?
A: A French composer; you can read about him here:

Q: The audio/video isn’t very good; can I get the original movie?
A: Yes, you can get it here (you have to sign up, but then you can download it):

Q: How can I make this kind of movie?
A: Check out this:

Q: Can I use this audio/video in my project?
A: Please send me an email (stephen at musanim dot com) describing your project and I’ll let you know whether it’s okay.

Q: This is cool; where can I get a list of everything you’ve done like this?
A: Here’s the best place: for more about this movie and others.

DIY – How to Make a Zine; Paper, Scissors, Pen – Rockin!

Posted by who am I On December - 30 - 2008

Check out

step by step instructions
Nominated for a 2007 YT Award!
follow the link above click ‘instructional’ to vote. you can vote everyday till march 19th!!

OMG an orange Subscribe button? WTF does that do!? Ima click it, then Ima lick it

US & International orders for the zine here:

This is a DIY I did on how to make a one sheet Zine.

D-I-Y – a real American Hero!
Remember Kids, Folding is Half the Battle

you’ll need:
One piece of paper
and a Pen

featuring the voice of

Information on getting your own copy of the Zine is coming. I promise. but leave a comment bugging me, so I do it.


I just found photo tutorial on the process as well at Flickr

Her layout actually puts the cover and back cover in the center. So just goes to show you how mailable this design is 😀

PhotoShop Zine guides

MS Word Zine guide template is at:

How to paint the MONA LISA with MS PAINT

Posted by who am I On December - 30 - 2008

Painting of the Mona Lisa using Microsoft paint. Original painting time 2hrs 30mins. Plays in under 5 minutes.

Thank you everyone who voted for this video in the 2007 YouTube Video Awards.

Burning Man Art Cars – visit

Posted by who am I On December - 30 - 2008

One of the weirdest sights at the Burning Man Festival is the presence of hundreds of art cars or mutant vehicles gliding across the desert. Order the DVD of festivals at

3D Medical Animation: Breast Tissue Biopsy

Posted by who am I On December - 30 - 2008

This 3D medical animation shows several methods of breast tissue biopsy procedures including: needle biopsy, stereotactic core biopsy, ultrasound-guided core biopsy and surgical biopsy.

3D Medical Animation: Cervical Spine & Disc Anatomy

Posted by who am I On December - 30 - 2008

Nucleus Medical Art’s 3D medical animation shows the anatomy of a
typical cervical (neck) spine and intervertebral disc. Details include
orientation of the cervical spine, movements of the spinal vertebrae,
and movement of intervertebral discs. A cross-section of the
intervertebral disk and spinal cord highlight the nucleus pulposus,
annulus fibrosus, spinal cord, dura mater, spinal root, and spinal

Nucleus Medical Art is a leading creator and licensor of medical
illustrations, 3D medical animations and interactive multimedia for
medical devices, pharmaceutical companies, education, biotechnology,
marketing agencies, lawyers, and more. Online at

Heart Animation: Coronary Artery Angioplasty (Heart Stent)

Posted by who am I On December - 30 - 2008

This 3D heart animation shows a coronary angioplasty procedure to correct a blocked artery in the heart. It begins by showing the buildup of plaque in an artery wall of the heart, blocking the flow of blood. Afterwards, the patient lies on a testing table while contrast dye is injected into the arteries of the heart, showing the location of the blockage. A guide wire is then moved through the lumen of the blood vessel, followed by a balloon and stent mechanism. The balloon inflates, putting the metal stent in place, so that the lumen of the artery is open and the red blood cells can flow freely.

3D Medical Animation: Shoulder Dystocia Birth Injury

Posted by who am I On December - 30 - 2008

This 3D medical animation of shoulder dystocia in a newborn shows a vaginal delivery with the uterus removed for greater visibility of the brachial plexus in the neck and shoulder area of the fetus. As the baby is pushed through the mother’s pelvic outlet during labor, we see the infant’s shoulder being trapped beneath the mother’s pelvic bone (pubic symphysis) causing the nerves of the brachial plexus to be stretched and injured. This form of brachial plexus injury is called neuropraxia, and may result in symptoms including a limp or paralyzed arm; lack of muscle control in the arm, hand, or wrist; and lack of feeling or sensation in the arm or hand. See more 3D medical animations from Nucleus Medical Art at

Urban Ninja

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Sneezing Panda

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Swing Fail

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