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Diggnation – Episode 167 – Coolest Diggnation Contest Ever!!

Posted by who am I On January - 6 - 2009

How Digg Works: New Digg Technology Blog, Show Me Your Genitals Pt. 2, One Badass Book Scanner, The 65 MPG Ford that the U.S. Can’t Have, Higher and Higher!

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KTM X-Bow (by UPTV)

Posted by who am I On January - 6 - 2009

KTM presents its first car – the X-Bow. Racing technology hits the streets: Due to its 240 hp the KTM X-Bow accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in only 3.9 seconds

Auto Drive, The Future Is Here – INVENT [BroadbandTV]

Posted by who am I On January - 6 - 2009

Laser technology in self-navigating car.

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UNBOXING: AppleCare for MacBook Pro (HQ)

Posted by who am I On January - 6 - 2009

Here, in this video, I am unboxing the AppleCare for my Apple MacBook Pro Please view my channel for some more technology items and Gadgets. ENJOY !

Taiwan’s Concept Car “Ecooter” is Electrical Next Gen

Posted by who am I On January - 6 - 2009

Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) showed off its new concept car, the “Ecooter” this week. The vehicle seats just one and will be on display next month in Milan, Italy. Here’s a sneak peak:

The Ecooter’s key features include a diamond-shaped four-wheel chassis system. Now this allows Ecooter to make a 360-degree turn with a radius of only 1.2 meters.

The Ecooter also features an auto-tilting system that keeps it from rolling over in sharp turns. This makes it very nimble in confined areas and cities.

James Wang is the Director of ITRI’s Intelligent Mobility Technology Division.

[James Wang, IRTI]:
“IRTI wants to develop this vehicle to have clean energy in order to solve problems such as pollution, traffic congestion and energy consumption that we face today in urban societies. We hope that, this small electrical vehicle and the public transportation system together can provide a convenient, energy-efficient and traffic free transportation tool.”

Wang also said the electric-powered Ecooter consumes roughly one-third of the energy of traditional vehicles.
ITRI plans to debut the Ecooter next month at the International Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan, Italy.

Ridin’ Dirty – Chick Comedy

Posted by who am I On January - 6 - 2009

Christina Pazsitzky gives new meaning to the phrase “Ridin’ Dirty.”

Ever wanted to know the best way to spot which cars out now will be heralded as the best cars in the future? Check out this classic video from BBC autos show Top Gear and listen to the wise words of Richard ‘the Hamster’ Hammond to find out more!
Click beneath the video to watch this great clip in high quality and don’t forger to visit http://www.topgear.com for all the latest news and car reviews.

How to swap a Subaru turbo

Posted by who am I On January - 6 - 2009

Subiesport Magazine swaps a turbo in its 2007 Legacy GT project car. Includes some great tips for anyone doing this popular upgrade.

How To Have Sex in a Car

Posted by who am I On December - 30 - 2008

Since it arrived in the 20th century, the automobile has provided an alternative place for sexual congress. The following are simple instructions for heterosexual, two-person sex in a car.

Lamborghini Reventon – King of Super Cars

Posted by who am I On December - 30 - 2008

This is the king of super cars. Who else but Lamborghini would make something this incredible? The new limited edition Reventon shows off all it’s stealth bomber styling at Frankfurt. Only 20 of these cars were produced and for the modest price tag of $1.4 Million, you can be one of the lucky owners.

Urban Ninja

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Sneezing Panda

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Swing Fail

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