Testers Wanted – Nintendo Virtual Reality

This is a live-action performance from the annual Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center’s (http://www.etc.cmu.edu) Building Virtual Worlds Show. The performance is from December 6th, 2006, and students have TWO weeks to brainstorm, develop, and implement a virtual world, which in this case, was required of us to make an entertaining experience for a large audience.

The performance is given in McConomy Auditorium in Carnegie Mellon, via the technology of the Playmotion (http://www.playmotion.com). The playmotion is a motion sensor technology that receives data on the user’s head and two hands.

Members of the team include:
Paul Capriolo (programmer), PaulCapriolo.com
M.E. Chung (designer/props/fx), lizchung.com
Carlos Pineda (audio/stage/script), pinedsman.com
Jake Rheinfrank (artist), imagecubed.com

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