Classic Game Room HD – GOLDENEYE 007 for Nintendo 64 review

Classic Game Room reviews GOLDENEYE for the Nintendo 64 N64 video game console. This N64 review shows gameplay through various levels and missions in the game. Although instead of completing most levels smoothly and by the books, CGR went crazy just like Bond in License to Kill… we went rogue! We slaughtered everyone without mercy including scientists in lilly white lab coats. Take that brainiac! Think you can outsmart a hail of bullets from James Bond!? GOLDENEYE from Rare for the N64 is one of the best first person shooters ever created. It has a massive single player mission, intense and exciting gameplay, smooth controls and excellent sound design. After playing this game again we can see why CGR likes Time Splitters so much… it was made by some of the same designers! Goldeneye raised the bar quite high for shooters on home consoles. No longer were FPS games just for PC gamers who clogged computer labs with Doom for days on end, now you could sit in the comfort of your own sloth-hole and shoot through the Golden Eye video game or blast your friends in multiplayer. This was before online multiplayer so you actually had to have friends in the same location… Although little more can be learned about Goldeneye after millions of people have fallen in love with this game and written volumes about it, Classic Game Room gives is a nice retro review where we recommend it to new gamers who may have missed it the first time, and challenge those who played it in 1997 to pick Goldeneye back up and crush the enemies of James Bond one more time. Classic Game Room is the ultimate retro video game review show online, in space and underwater. If you want to watch old school game reviews, watch Classic Game Room. Goldeneye needs a remake for the PS3 and Xbox 360, will it ever be remade?

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