Pac-Man: The Movie

The twisted tale of four ghosts trapped in a maze while being stalked by a giant yellow monster.

Director – Stanley Wong
Co-Director – Tyler Russell
Writers – Tyler Russell, Stanley Wong, and Owen Hornstein III
Camera Operators – Cody Gautreau and Max Salberg
Editor – Stanley Wong
Visual Effects Editor – Jonathan Greenwald
Post Sound Designer – Jeff Penick
Costume Designer – Dorothy Brignac
Composers – Hans Zimmer (Batman Begins Soundtrack) and Psycosis91 (Credits Song)

Blinky – William Tousignant
Pinky – Dorothy Brignac
Inky – Stanley Wong
Clyde – Tyler Russell
Dinky – Max Salberg

I am the creator of this video and would appreciate it if the other uploaders would take their duplicates down.

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By popular request, here is the link to the song in the credits.

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