Zombies The Movie

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An unknown virus has been spread in a town called Marstrand. Zombies are attacking humans on the streets, but some of the human race is still alive. The question is, will they survive?

Budget = 315 spänn

Cast :
Guy with black hairVictimZombie – Fredrik Ortmon
Guy with blonde hairZombieVictim – Olof Mattson
PuffenCamerman – Fredrik Pettersson
ArnoldCamerman – Peter Levin
ReporterZombie – Oliver Lagerblad
Leif Andersson – Dennis Olsson
Zombies with work suit – Lucas Lima
Cute ZombieCameraman – Cristoffer Ankarstrand
Angry Zombie – Jonas Levin
Long Zombie – Viktor Olofsson
Victim – Viktor Rydqvist
Short Zombie – Nicklas Larson
Zombie – Tobias Alexandersson
Victimcorpse – Alexander Rydqvist
CamermanLights – Urban Krabbe

Producer – Fredrik Ortmon
Co-producer – Olof Mattson
Idéas – Fredrik, Olof , Lucas Lima, Christoffer Ankarstrand
Editing – Fredrik Ortmon & Olof Mattson

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